Wisconsin Real-Time Water Quality

Wisconsin Real-Time Water Quality

Real-time computed concentrations of water-quality constituents such as suspended sediment, total nitrogen, and total phosphorus are calculated using ordinary least squares regression models. The results of these models, along with direct water-quality measurements, can be viewed here as time-series graphs, or downloaded as tabular data.

Ordinary least squares regression models on this site use conventional sensor measurements (for example, discharge, temperature, pH, specific conductance, turbidity, and dissolved oxygen) to compute concentrations and loads of other water-quality constituents in real time. This makes it possible to compute instantaneous values of many constituents in real time for public safety without the lengthy time delay of collecting a sample and waiting for analysis of a sample at a laboratory.

Please select a site from below to start viewing data. You also can read more about the methods, measured constituents, and disclaimers by using the navigation bar at the top of each page.

Map Legend

Continuous Water-Quality Gage
Discontinued Continuous Water-Quality Gage
Station Name Station Identifier County Computation Period
Honey Creek at Wauwatosa, WI 04087119 Milwaukee Nov. 2008 to Nov. 2015
Little Menomonee River near Freistadt, WI 04087050 Ozaukee Nov. 2008 to present
Menomonee River at 16th Street at Milwaukee, WI 04087142 Milwaukee Nov. 2008 to Sept. 2015
Menomonee River at Menomonee Falls, WI 04087030 Waukesha Nov. 2008 to Nov. 2015
Menomonee River at Wauwatosa, WI 04087120 Milwaukee Nov. 2008 to Sept. 2015
Underwood Creek at Wauwatosa, WI 04087088 Milwaukee Jan. 2013 to Sept. 2015