Utah Real-time Water Quality

Load dissolved solids


Load dissolved solids commonly are used as a general indicator of water quality. Dissolved solids usually are composed of major ions; calcium, magnesium, sodium, chloride, sulfate, and alkalinity originating from decomposition of soils and rocks. Large dissolved-solids concentrations can make water cloudy and give it a bitter taste. In addition, water with large dissolved-solids concentrations can produce scaly deposits and cause staining, wear, corrosion of pipes and fittings.

Stations That Measure or Compute Continuous Load diss. solids

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Station Name Station Identifier
Dolores River near Cisco, UT 09180000
Colorado River near Cisco, UT 09180500
Duchesne River near Randlett, UT 09302000
White River near Watson, UT 09306500
Green River at Green River, UT 09315000
San Rafael River near Green River, UT 09328500
San Juan river near Bluff, UT 09379500