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Turbidity, measured as NTU or FNU


Turbidity is a water-quality term that refers to the cloudy appearance of water and is caused by small particles of suspended matter. Turbidity is measured by quantifying the amount of light scattered by particles in the water. Although turbid water is not necessarily harmful, it can be an indicator of more serious problems. Turbidity particles may adsorb other harmful contaminants. Turbidity particles known to be harmful themselves include asbestos, lead, bacteria and viruses, and protozoan cysts such as Giardia and Cryptosiporidium.

Water-quality standards and criteria are developed by the States, approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), and then promulgated (passed into law) as standards by each State. Graphs on this website allow comparison of measured and computed data to these standards and criteria by plotting them as straight lines. When evaluating data to decide whether water quality is suitable for the intended use, viewers are cautioned to consider the uncertainty associated with these computed data.

Water-quality Standards and Criteria

USEPA proposed maximum for streams in Ecoregion VI: 9.9 FNU

A criterion of 9.9 nephelometric turbidity units has been recommended by the USEPA.

Source: USEPA Ambient Water Quality Criteria Recommendations, Region VI (view online)

Stations That Measure or Compute Continuous Turbidity

Click a station to view measurements of turbidity.

Station Name Station Identifier
Smoky Hill River at Ellsworth, KS 06864500
Big Blue River at Marysville, KS 06882510
Little Blue River near Barnes, KS 06884400
Black Vermillion River near Frankfort, KS 06885500
Big Blue River near Manhattan, KS 06887000
Kansas River at Wamego, KS 06887500
Kansas River at Topeka, KS 06889000
Kansas River at DeSoto, KS 06892350
Kill Creek at 95 Street near DeSoto, KS 06892360
Cedar Creek at Highway 56 at Olathe, KS 06892440
Olathe Lake near Olathe, KS 06892450
Cedar Creek near DeSoto, KS 06892495
Mill Creek at Johnson Drive, Shawnee, KS 06892513
Blue River at Kenneth Road, Overland Park, KS 06893100
Blue R at Blue Ridge Ext in KC, MO 06893150
Indian Creek at State Line Road, Leawood, KS 06893390
Rattlesnake Creek near Zenith, KS 07142575
Turkey Creek nr Buhler, KS 07143660
Little Arkansas River at Highway 50 near Halstead, KS 07143672
W Emma Creek nr Halstead, KS 07143965
E Emma C nr Halstead, KS 07144000
Little Arkansas River near Sedgwick, KS 07144100
North Fork Ninnescah River above Cheney Reservoir, KS 07144780
Cheney Reservoir near Cheney, KS 07144790
Neosho River at Burlingame Rd. near Emporia, KS 07179750
Cottonwood River at Plymouth, KS 07182250
Cottonwood River near Neosho Rapids, KS 07182280
Neosho River near Neosho Rapids, KS 07182390
Neosho River at Burlington, KS 07182510
L Arkansas R Upstream of ASR Fac Nr Sedgwick, KS 375350097262800
Emma C at 72nd St nr Sedgwick, KS 375721097263300
Mill Creek at Woodland Road, Olathe, KS 385404094485800
Outlet at Clinton Lake, KS 385548095192701
Mill Creek at 87th Street Lane, Johnson county, KS 385800094485300
Clear Creek at 86th Street Terrace, Lenexa, KS 385818094520300
Coon Creek at Woodland Road, Lenexa, KS 385826094491700
Unnamed tributary at Barkley Drive, Lenexa, KS 385835094471300
Unnamed tributary into Shawnee Mission Lake, Lenexa, KS 385859094473700
Clear Creek at 79th Street, Lenexa, KS 385906094524400
Unnamed tributary into Shawnee Mission Lake Wetland, KS 385910094474400
Unnamed tributary near Shawnee Mission Lake, Shawnee, KS 385922094485500
Little Mill Creek at Lackman Road, Shawnee, KS 385952094454000
Little Mill Creek at Warwick Lane, Shawnee, KS 390010094482100
Mill Creek near Shawnee Mission, KS 390026094485800
Clear Creek at Clare Road, Shawnee, KS 390051094522200
Clear Creek at Woodland Road, Shawnee, KS 390056094493200
Banner Creek at M Road near Holton, KS 392652095484100
Banner Creek Lake near Holton, KS 392727095454900
Atchison County Lake near Horton, KS 393806095273700
Clear Creek at Decator Road near Horton, KS 393817095260100
Black Vermillion River Tributary above Centralia Lake, KS 394126096073500
Black Vermillion River Tributary below Centralia Lake, KS 394218096095000

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