Kansas Real-Time Water Quality

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Time period:

Funding to maintain the continuous water-quality monitor at this site ended on December 31, 2005.

Summary Statistics for Instantaneous PH

StatisticStatistic Value
Number of measurements6358
Mean8.3 std units
Geometric Mean8.3 std units
Standard Deviation0.4 std units
Minimum 7.4 std units
1 percentile 7.5 std units
5 percentile 7.7 std units
10 percentile 7.8 std units
25 percentile 8.0 std units
Median 8.4 std units
75 percentile 8.6 std units
90 percentile 8.7 std units
95 percentile 8.8 std units
99 percentile 9.0 std units
Maximum 9.2 std units