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The U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, initiated a study to characterize suspended-sediment loading to and from John Redmond Reservoir from February 21, 2007, through February 21, 2008.
During a study period with approximately average flow conditions, John Redmond trapped 91 percent of the approximately 1,120,000 tons of sediment transported to the reservoir. Ninety-nine percent of incoming sediment load was transported during nine storm events which occurred during 25 percent of the study period.

Historic (1964-78) sediment sampling up and downstream from John Redmond Reservoir was compared with current (2007-2008) results to determine whether current streamflows are transporting more or less sediment. Although differences in sediment transport were statistically insignificant at sites upstream from John Redmond, significantly less sediment is transported immediately downstream from John Redmond than during historic, post-reservoir conditions. Results from this study can be used by natural resource managers to better plan for John Redmond Reservoir to support industrial, municipal, and recreational uses into the future.

“The Kansas Water Office has partnered with the Corps of Engineers to explore ways to extend the water supply storage capacity at John Redmond Reservoir. This USGS study will aid in the calibration of the watershed sediment model being developed by Kansas State University as a part of this effort and provide an improved understanding of the sediment delivery to and trapping efficiency of John Redmond Reservoir” -- Chris Gnau of the Kansas Water Office

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