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Funding to maintain the continuous water-quality monitor at this site ended on December 31, 2004.

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The objectives of this study are to

A bathymetric study of both Lake Olathe and Cedar Lake will be done to determine the historic rate of sedimentation in the two reservoirs.
Sediment coring will be used at both reservoirs to evaluate historical changes in sediment transport. Bottom-sediment cores will also be used to evaluate associated chemical constituents and the potential for uptake by fish and benthic organisms by chlorinated organic compounds and heavy metals, especially lead, mercury, and cadmium.

Water-quality samples will be collected regularly at both Cedar Creek, a primary tributary to Lake Olathe, and in Lake Olathe.
Water samples will be collected in Lake Olathe from the bottom 1 meter and 1 percent light penetration depth location in the water column.
Samples will be analyzed for selected inorganic, organic, and biological compounds. A monitoring system will be developed to forecast when conditions are favorable for taste and odor problems to develop. The system will be available on the internet and can be used by the city of Olathe to adjust water-supply and recreational strategies.

This project is made possible through a cooperative agreement with the city of Olathe.

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