Kansas Real-Time Water Quality

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The data used to produce this plot are provisional and have not been reviewed or edited. They may be subject to change.

Data pulled 06-17-24 08:03.
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Legend for graphical elements on time-series plot.


Water-quality criteria or standards of 200 col/100mL, 2000 col/100mL, and 2000 col/100mL for fecal coliform bacteria are plotted as horizontial dashed lines (more...). A second, smaller plot indicates the statistical probability that the computed values have exceeded these criteria or standards.

The statistical (regression) model used to compute fecal coliform bacteria is site specific. Gaps in data occur either when data are not available or their values are outside of the range for the regression model. Users should consider these factors, as well as uncertainty associated with regression-model computed data, when applying this information to specific issues.

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